A Profound Secret That Will Change Your Life Forever

This message contains a secret.

It is a wonderful and profound secret, a world changing secret and it is also a secret you already know! But wait, if you already know it, how then might it be a secret at all?

The truth is your mind may not remember the contents of the secret because your thoughts have been filled with many of life’s uncertainties and other confusions. Maybe you have had many disappointments or endured much pain? Maybe you’ve filled your mental calender of events with business or career? Maybe you have busied yourself accumulating great financial wealth or you’ve been submerged in the struggle’s of poverty? There are so many reason why you might have forgotten this secret; only you will know if you have or not, The secret I am talking about is…

john polkThe Love Factor

The love factor is really not a secret because it arrives with all of us when we are born. There was a time in our lives when we loved the world and all that are in it…unconditionally. And, when we loved the Universe in this way, our world was a place of enchantment, both magical and miraculous. The only thing that makes the love factor a (real) secret is the fact we typically hide it from ourselves or it has been taken away by the authorities in our lives. We are taught the world is an unloving place and we have to be cautious in our journey through it. After all, what if we love someone and they don’t love us back?

What if other’s misuse our love or make fools of us because of it? Another reason why you have probably forgotten this secret because a lot has happened to you since you were a very young child.

And so, given all these warnings, we begin to withdraw from the wellspring of love in our hearts and begin to trust our brains to do our thinking for us. The first rule we typically give the 3-pound organ between our ears is love must be reciprocal and from this we begin to value only that which pleases or regards us in some way.

This isn’t love, of course, because love, to be love, is always unconditional.

I will tell you now that I know a real “secret” about you. It doesn’t matter who you are; a top executive of some Fortune 500 company, a gardner, mechanic, store clerk or even if you’ve taken some seriously “bad” turns in your life that created a lot of problems for you, you are love!

You may desire all kinds of stuff for your life like a more extravagant home, new cars in the driveway, countless luxuries…wining the lotto? But, down in the depths of you there are two things you want most of all:

To love and to be loved.

There is something else. You would like your world to be a better, kinder, safer and more loving place and you would make these changes if you could. I have a surprise for you. You can! You can by simply returning to the Love Factor that is already yours.

I want you to think about what I just said and ponder these truths. I will continue this narrative tomorrow.

Here is something I want you to try today:

First. Go right now to the closest mirror and look yourself in the eyes and say, “I love you.” No one is looking. Give it a try. It is magical. The power of words and what I am sharing with you is one of the ways to tap into the genie within. The next thing I want you to do is for the next 24 hours, quietly say to every person you come in contact with, that you love them. Say to yourself, “I love you.” You have to emote it and feel it in your heart.

Watch what happens. If you could do this for a week straight, it would change your view totally. There is magic in doing what I am sharing with you.’

I have books available on this site that discuss this at length. Even the science behind it.

anyway. Have a wonderful day today and put the love in what you do.

Peace and love.

John Polk


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