“We love the world to the exact degree that we love ourselves. What we deem the world to be today is always a projection from within…And what we project into the Universe is always reflected back into our own lives.

—John Polk

The world sucks!

Life’s a bitch and then you die.

We were all raised with these kinds of references given us on the road of becoming who and what we are. Indeed, it is probably safe to say that every single human being on the planet—in all 7000 languages spoken—were indoctrinated with similar negative views that wallow about in the unconscious (if not the conscious mind) as we make our ways through life’s challenges.

Religious folks are apt to ask the question—if there is a loving God why then is there so much pain and sorrow in life. Other’s may simply question why life has to be so painful and so often disheartening.

It is no wonder that these questions and observations exist because as we look around our local communities, much less the entire world, we can witness a lot of pain and suffering at any given moment.

As we look around the globe we witness terrible human atrocities and deep suffering. Entire peoples being destroyed by armies and tyrant governments; people enduring serious illness who cannot afford or obtain proper medical help; millions upon millions on the brink of starvation and the list goes on into the sorrows of private life.

We have been told at least to one degree or another that this is simply how life is and nothing can be done about it. As a result we people do our best to make our individual lives as comfortable and safe as possible and go on with our daily affairs.

What we make note of here (at The Love Factor) is that nearly all human suffering—not all of course but far too much of human suffering is man made and not from natural events at all. World hunger is certainly something that should and could be erased from the planet, it is simply unnecessary suffering!

Likewise, the most poor and terrible places to live in our own land (The United States) such as the most impoverished ghettos, barrios and so forth need not exist in the wealthiest country on the face of the earth.

We have all heard, and many people reading this will have said things like: People don’t have to live like that, the ghettos, projects and trashy-area-barrios are the result of the dopers and no hopers; the useless and lazy. It is typically these same people who condemn the homeless of “wanting to live like that” and so on.

While we agree that there are exceptions we offer that these devastated areas are NOT the result of “bad” or “lazy” or “weak-willed” people but rather that these places of struggle, anger and sadness are the result of a non-conscientious system.

This can be said about the poorest districts around the world—fromIndiatoAsia. As everyone knowsSaudi Arabiais a land of monumental wealth and a landscape of palaces but the people…the people in general are extremely poor and live hard, challenging lives.

God is not the culprit nor is bad luck but rather the systems created by the people in leadership positions and the controllers of massive wealth and so power.

In view of this we want to make it perfectly clear that we do not support a philosophy that condemns the rich—indeed, we are working presently on ways to help people in need of extra income to be able to earn it; to grow their wealth and better their lives. In fact, we support the basic structure of Capitalism. Honest Capitalism permits people to rise above their poverty, to advance their lives based on their own effort. In our view this is the only structure that favors the persons with ambitions, goals and dreams.

There is a problem, however. Capitalism must change. And what we mean by that is that Capitalism without compassion becomes likened to just one more heartless dictatorship in all kinds of ways and costumed in all sorts of guises.

What we offer is that Capitalism with Compassion would readily become history’s most positive change and, as a result, would make countless positive changes in and for the world.

But what exactly does the term mean, “Capitalism with compassion?”

It means, at long last, to leave Social Darwinism by the wayside.

While many might deny it, the fact is that bigger and big business (in general) operate under the shadow of Social Darwinism or, in other words, what is most basically a “greed is good: policy.” This is world wide!

The idea that there is one, much less many thousands (or more) people dying, right now, as you read these words, not because there is no medical help for them but because they are poor and cannot afford the medical help that is available is unbearably cruel. Compassion would disallow this. The idea that multi millions of our fellow human beings are sick and dying of hunger right now while food in the world is abundant is cruel. Compassion would disallow this. Massive hunger is NOT an accident it is a man made condition…

When we think of this there are millions of children that go to bed every night hungry right here in our own country There are virtually countless people who do not have the medicine or medical care that they need.

One problem is that we are indoctrinated to believe that these conditions exist because certain individuals are neglectful and irresponsible; parents without concern or people buying drugs or booze instead of nurturing their children or doing what they “should” in life. Unfortunately this is true in some instances. But on the other side of this tragic coin are many who can’t find decent paying jobs, are psychologically condemned to their poverty and are stuck on the outskirts of mainstream society or have simply been raised in non-productive environments and attitudes. What if we want to admit it or not there is a separation of the classes even in theU.S.A.And, the observation that the gap between rich and poor is widening is becoming more and more apparent. Who in, we’ll say, the 1940s and 50s, would ever have imagined that we would have so many homeless among us?

We should not think that the very poor (dwelling in the poorest of areas) are the only ones facing financial struggles, headaches and heartaches. Credit has created a terrible virus of poverty in nearly every sector of the population. The gigantic credit card companies are no more compassionate than is big oil or the pharmaceuticals, etc. Life is not financially easy for most people much less the very poor…

So what can be done to uplift the life of everyone?

Well, the social myth is that the system belongs to the people but this is of course well, as said, social myth. We could assemble peaceably and march or hold rallies but in our times this amounts to little more than howling at the moon. So how do we make positive changes in a hostile world…How do we bring love and its qualities into all human life on the planet?

Mohandas Gandhi gave us the answer. He told us that we must become the changes that we desire for the world. There is no other answer than this.

There is no mystery or secret about it, the world can be cruel and callous—even well intended governments like we have in theUnited Statescan get caught up in their own bureaucracy becoming, as the cliché goes, in, of and for itself. If this can happen inAmericawe need not even consider what atrocities occur in lands governed by tyrannies and totalitarianism. As it turned out, communism, the so-called worker’s party, crates one of the most lopsided elite systems in the modern world. The gap between the haves and have nots is so great the opposite horizons are too far away in the distance for either to see.

And so based on all the above observations, the wisdom of that old popular songs returns to us as an anthem of the heart. Perhaps you have heard the lyric: What the world needs now is love, sweet love…

Until we put The Love Factor into the workings of the world the world will apparently not become all that we would have it be. That is, kinder, safer and at peace with itself…

But how do we begin to make such positive changes? As Gandhi taught, we—you and I—must become the changes that we desire for our world.

We begin by greeting those that we greet with love. This includes the stranger, our friends and our foes, our relatives and every one else. And how do we do this, we do this by saying to ourselves “I love you,” to those that we meet as we go through our daily lives.

When we muster the courage to do this we will begin seeing wonderful changes in our own lives—we ourselves will feel happier, more loving and yes more lovable; we will have greater peace of mind and old emotional and psychological wounds that we’ve been harboring for even years…will diminish and eventually go away.

In order to do only this much most people will have to empty their brains of old regrets and angers. It is impossible to open up to a better world when one is keeping old disappointments and hatefulness in the deepest cores of their being.

There is one sure way of doing this. Go to the mirror before you start each new day and say to yourself:

Today I am love

I am loving and lovable

Today I am love

And as love I will refuse to judge myself by other

or others by myself.

Today I am love

And as love I will walk in love and talk in love,

I shall be love in my attitudes and actions

Today I am love

I will give my love to both my work and my play

Today I am love

And as love, I will be both happy and content.

It doesn’t really matter if you think saying these things are foolish or not—say them anyway (daily) for only one week and see what happens in your life. Indeed, think the words “I love you” before you speak no matter who the listener is, the cranky store clerk…your boss (or employee)…your spouse, friend, relative, a stranger on the street. When you do you will not only note a change in you but in the other as well; you will be creating the possibility of compassion between you and where there is compassion there is always peace. And when you have added The Love Factor to your life and you have experienced the dynamics of all it produces for you…tell those you care about how they too might spread their love around the entire globe…

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