The Love Merchant


ecoverPackage (4)The Love Merchant is perhaps the most enchanting novel that you’ve ever read but after all it is a book the reveals the secret of a happy and successful life.

The story begins with a young man by the name of Lenny who is working but desires to better his life; earn more money and land himself a more promising career. In the present he is stuck with credit card debt and other bills with a wife and children to care for. In fact, he is in way over his head.

Seeking a better salary and position he applies for a job meeting David Mahoney, a man who is not only a wealthy, business success but a man who actually had gone from rags to riches.

David Mahoney, however, has a very special way of running a business and an unique criteria for running his company. At first, this highly successful executive frightens Lenny but Mahoney quickly puts him at ease telling the story of his youth and the wisdom of an old hill woman…his grandmother.

Lenny of course listens intently as the story unfolds and is introduced to intriguing ideas of life and living it. In fact, he is told how Nature itself reveals its secrets to those who truly see and listen to it. During the telling of the story Lenny is awakened to seeing and understanding the world in a positive, loving light. In fact, he learns how to become the love merchant and in the doing transcends the current dilemmas in his home life.

The lessons learned scans from an unexpected spirituality to ancient Native American wisdom all leading to a very inspirational ending…

This fast reading story by John Polk can actually lead you to the front door of your own happy and successful future—all you have to do is step in!

The Love Merchant is truly a book that you will want to read time and time again since with every read there is virtually always a new important discovery to be made. This is the magic and majesty of this John Polk novel.