ABC’s Of Loving


Altruism is most important to the loving heart, and so today, I make the decision to love everyone I greet along my path. In doing this, I will refuse to judge myself by others, or others according to myself. Instead, I will simply open my heart to loving, because the more love I give, the more I will receive. And the more I receive, the more I will have to give.

Today, I will love both the thorn and the blossom. I will love the green of grass and even the sound of silence. And too, I will love the callused hands of the old and the outstretched fingers of children. And in the doing, I will make it my habit to treat others, and all things, as I would be treated. And by doing only this much, I will become the changes I desire for the entire world. And I will have changed the world a little, too.

And, in matters of loving my forever mate, today I will remember to be both nurturing and supportive. One secures and the other frees. There is no greater altruism than this between friends and lovers.




Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so today, I will simply choose to see beauty in all things. In the doing, I will refuse to belittle anyone who has less than I, or begrudge anyone who has more. To achieve this, I will walk in love today knowing I am a reflection of all others, and all others are a reflection of me.

I will be reminded today that we are all subject to uncertainty. From this I will know the most bold and brave among us is ever as subject to self-doubt and aloneness as the most weak and frail. And so today I will make it my practice to change my view from faults to virtues, from flaw to potential and from blemish to beauty. In the doing, I will bring the glow of smile and twinkle of eye to even the most downtrodden, as who is not whole and beautiful in the chasms of their own hearts?

And, in matters of my loving my forever mate, I will remember to be uplifting today. Where the spirit is uplifted, there is always beauty.





Celebration is never an event but rather a choice of the heart. And so today, I will choose to celebrate the world and myself in it. If by chance I do not meet with sadness or tragedy I will gather together a view of my good fortune by putting thanksgiving in my thoughts and joy in my voice. And by doing this, I will greet both friend and stranger with open arms and loving glow.

I shall rejoice in all things today and I will become one with the Universe and in this way, be never the dancer, but always the dance.

And, in matters of loving my forever mate, I will remember to reap wise harvest from our differences in order to nourish the understanding in our sameness. From these two acts of love alone evolves the key to a happy and lasting togetherness, the celebrating of being one with the other.



Devotion is not a narrowing of the mind or a boundary of the heart as has been taught, but instead an opening of the heart and mind unto all it desires to serve. And so today, I will be of devotion to all I greet along my way. I will be the helping hand and the encouraging word, the pat on the back and the healing touch of love. I will be of service today, as service is the keystone of the devoted.

Today I will give more than what is asked of me in all situations; if I am asked to carry a pound, I shall carry two. I shall do so in positive spirit, focusing my love and happiness in all my labor. And in my doing this, I will bring hope to the hopeless, inspiration to the depressed, peace to the angry and lighten the load for many. I will be of service today and from this alone my life will be enriched and my purse fattened, as this is the law of synchronicity.

And, in matters of loving my forever mate, my devotion shall supply the love that heals the wounds, kisses away the pain and diminishes the fears that enter our lives. So today I will be the helpmate and the server of glad tidings.



Encouragement is the true elixir of the spirit. No greater gift can be given to anyone and so today I shall give this bounty of good fortune to friend and stranger alike. Indeed, I will encourage freely since encouragement is like love, forever replenishing in greater abundance than has been given away. This, of course, is a mystery of the Universe, because that which we give away is always returned to us in even greater measurement. Even a thimble of cruelty or kindness, of greed or generosity, love or hatefulness given is returned tenfold. And this also belongs to the mysterious workings of the world.

Today I shall inspirit both the rich and poor with encouragement, the lame and the swift, the strong and the weak as encouragement enlightens and empowers, energizing all who have it to forge ahead in the voice that says, I Can!

And, in matters of loving my forever mate, I shall be at all times encouraging. I will refuse to belittle or criticize, as these attitudes are the foes of self-accomplishment, growth and inner-joy. And so today, I will be encouraging, remembering to applaud both on the field and on the sideline, as there is no greater act of love than this and no stronger exchange between lovers and friends.



Family is a matter of the heart for where our heart is, there is always family and so today, I shall share my heart with the world. I shall break down the barriers of racism and sexism, young and old, same and different with my love for all. Indeed, I will walk in love today knowing we are all the same and our differences are only apparent.

I shall awaken today in the enlightenment of kinship with all things and all manner of people. And so I will find myself at home no matter where I am along my way. And being at home I will be freely and wholly myself. In the doing of this, I will be enabled to shed my armor, remove the mask and open my mind and heart to greeting the world with a smile today and the whisper that says I love you.

And, in matters of loving my forever mate, I shall be at all times the root and the blossom of family life, the gardener and the garden of home sweet home.



Generosity is essential to loving and so today I will be generous. And being generous I will walk in freedom, as whoever is generous is without greed. Greed enslaves itself. It is both prisoner and guard in the same dwelling at all times. Greed, too, is a jealous master as its power and glory is in possession. Generosity loves freely and all that is truly loved cannot be lost or taken away as it remains in the heart. This is why generosity has so much to give while greed forever remains in “want.”

Today, I will be generous, and in the doing, I will fill the Universe with my love. I will give my kindness to even the flowers of the field, my understanding to both those who are for and against me, my forgiveness even before there is a transgression. Today, I will be generosity in thought and in action, lifting up those who have fallen, drying the tears of the sorrowful, giving rest to the weary, and good cheer to the downcast. And because of my lack of greed, I shall be in harmony and peace with the world.

And, in matters of loving my forever mate, I will love unconditionally today. And in the doing, I will reject all impulses to possess and so, to control. I will simply be the open heart where all things may enter and exit at will.



Honesty has many meanings beyond the telling of truth, and so today I will seek the honesty in others, but also in self, as truth only arrives in the vessel of love. There is no truth where love does not dwell. Thus, I will walk in awareness today that all honesty does not contain the truth and in this alone I will be made wise.

In the knowing that one may act and speak in honesty but only from the truth of concepts, dogmas and other false realities, I will be awakened to the actions of truth, which are, at the same time, the actions of love. And being awakened to only this much, I shall become honest in all my dealings because I will have chosen to do the loving thing: to act in the purpose and meaning of love. And from this I will be set free.

False honesty arrives with self-deception, such as doing the wrong thing for the right reason. All the bloodshed in history between our kind and our cultures has occurred on this premise alone. Every stoning, lynching and enslavement is the direct result of this premise. And so today, I will know that whatever is done and said outside of loving intent is never the truth but only honesty in its guise. By knowing this, I shall return purpose and meaning to my own life and, in a small way, perhaps to life itself.

And, in loving my forever mate, I shall be honest today in both word and action as all I do and say will evolve from my love and where there is love, the truth necessarily prevails.



Integrity is at the very root of love’s reality. And so, I shall make it my practice to be trustworthy in all I do today, as this is the cornerstone of living in the wholeness of self. To lack integrity is to be divided within and whoever is divided within remains indecisive in all things.

I will have integrity today being mindful of all I do. And by being mindful, I will be able to listen to my heart and be guided by my loving intuition. And by walking my path in the light of love, I shall never lose myself in the shadows of deception or the silhouette of ego’s desires. In the light of love, I will never stand at the crossroads of life going this way or that, but rather, I shall be like the mountain stream that ribbons around all obstacles, never failing to reach its destination. And by doing these things in good will and a trustful manner, I shall become a teacher of the heart to many, making positive changes all along my way.

And, in matters of loving my forever mate, I will be both trustworthy and trusting today. After all, without these two qualities, the house of marriage is built on sand.



Joy is the gift of love. Wherever love dwells, there is joy and so today, I will be joyful and my heart will be opened onto the world. By opening my heart I shall be made aware of my oneness with all things, gaining empathy for even the fallen leaf and rising tide, for friend and foe, and yes, for one and all. Empathy is to be in experience with all things and this experience is joyful. While it does not escape the sad or the tragic, it is forever resilient and healing, as love is wise. And where there is true wisdom there is also joy. And this, too, is the secret of childhood.

Today, I will be in joyance as I will be much like the little child who is in community with the passing stranger and distant star. And so I will have returned to my essence, today, remembering how to simply be in each infinite moment with no thought of yesterday’s pain or pleasure, or tomorrow’s great fortune. I will practice putting my love and so my joy in all I do and all I greet. And by doing, this I will have projected my love and joy onto the Universe and whatever is projected onto the Universe is always reflected. And this is why the very young are always so happy and also so rich.

And, in matters of loving my forever mate, I shall serve as an example of love and joy today. By doing this, I shall make lighter the loads of our daily lives while brightening the world we call our own. And in the doing, we too shall live in loving and joyful community one with the other.



Kindness is the action of love and so, today, I will practice being kind. In kindness, I will become the Good Samaritan if by no other means than by merely remembering to be mindful of all that is outside myself. To become mindful with something is also to be in consciousness with it and once in consciousness with it, understanding evolves. And where there is understanding, there is always empathy and compassion.

Today, I will travel the lane of Kindness. And so I will become the listening ear, the gentle touch and loving word along my way. When I can, I shall mend the broken wing, water the wilting plant, lift the fallen spirit and shed light where gloom prevails. I will be the Good Samaritan and yet refuse to wear the laurel-wreath or voice my goodness, to seek accolades or even recognition. Kindness is not a gift of goodness but rather an act of unconditional loving. It is the silent whisper that says to all things, I love you and the invisible will of benevolence itself.

And, in matters of loving my forever mate, I will simply remember to be kind today, as the greatest secret of marriage is being nice to each other.



Love is the majesty and mystery of the Universe and thus is seldom clearly grasped. Indeed, even the most sincere teachers of loving are most often lost to the meaning and purpose of love. And what should we know about this? Only that love is meaning and purpose. It has no object, no bias and no intention. It is the cohesiveness of all manifestation and yet not manifested in and of itself. Rather, love is essence, the spark of life, awareness in consciousness. The Universe in an acorn! And this is why it is said that God is love.

Today, I shall greet the world with affection, with kindness, with understanding, with joy and with good will. And, in the doing, I will become love’s “realization” since it is my possibility to do this in my becoming. And once anything is realized it cannot go or be taken away. And so, today, I will choose to open my heart and from this opening I shall become the loving and the loveable. One with the essence of infinite being, not the blossom but the blossoming!

And, in matters of loving my forever mate, I will make cohesive both meaning and purpose in our lives.



Miracles arrive with the connotation of the impossible occurring outside the laws of Nature. There is only organization, however, not ordinance. There is intelligence and so the symphony of mathematics plays. There is energy and so the dance continues. There is also love and so all things are made possible. And thus, all there is, is movement of the mind. And upon contemplating these things, I will, on this day, realize I am both the miracle and miracle maker.

I will be the miracle maker today. I will manifest the good, the positive and the loving from a world of alternatives. I will bring into focus the beauty of all things and of all others and in the doing, bring joy to the entire Universe. Indeed, with the mere changing of my mind, I will move the mountains of despair and uncertainty, creating horizons of ceaseless possibilities.

And, in matters of loving my forever mate, I shall live the miracle today in the unfolding of our togetherness.



Nurturing is a directive of love, the intuitive yearning from the heart to comfort and make safe, to quench the thirst and appease the hunger. And so today, I will follow my heart in all I do. I will be the hug that takes away the fear and the kiss that takes away the pain. I will be the comforter today, the hand held and the shoulder leaned on.

Today, I will nurture with kindness and understanding. I will fill the loveless with love, the hopeless with hope, the unsure with encouragement. I will nurture with the voice of kindness and the hearing ear. And too, I will give my applause for trying and my admiration for doing. I will be the nurturer, today, watering the seeds of happiness and self-content. Yet, I will refuse to be the outstretched arms of sanctimonious deliverance, and instead, I will be likened to the dweller of the cave where those who pass by may continue on or enter at will.

And, in matters of loving my forever mate, I will simply remember to be loving today and all else kind and good will naturally follow.



Optimism is a process of love, as love serves always to be the light at the end of the Tunnel of Uncertainty. It is more than positive thinking, however; it is positive feeling which is heartfelt, and not only a choice of the mind. And, as positive thinking is the prerequisite for positive doing, optimism is the prerequisite for positive discovery. When we view the world optimistically, we find the good and the beautiful along our way. And in this way, the old axiom proves true: whatever we seek, we find. And so today, I will practice seeking the good and the beautiful along my path, and from this optimism I shall be enriched and made wise and blissful by all my experiences.

Today, I will open my heart to all and by doing this, I will refuse my tendency to discriminate and judge. Instead, I will become as the magi, turning even the stones into liquid love. Behind the sour face of the suspicious and fearful, I shall see the sweetness it hides. I shall look within the depressed and unsure to find the greatness of potential and I shall bring forth the good and beautiful in all things.

And, in matters of loving my forever mate, I will be optimistic today, the boost up, the strong support, the one who says, you have it within you to do and be all you desire. You are already the good and the beautiful.



Passion is the cornerstone of love as it exalts, inspires and refreshes. That which is done with passion strips away all doubt, all fears, and transcends time. And so today, I will permit myself to reveal passion in all I do—I shall awaken with passion for life and living it. I shall put passion in my toil and thus I will excel in each infinite moment and be found in the joy of doing, never lost in the anxiety of want for results. Today, I will muster the courage of enthusiasm, exchanging frustration for fun, impatience for interest, resentment for reward.

Today I will refuse to long for that which has not arrived. Instead I will enjoy the climb, making each step a loving destination. I will be impassioned, and by my own willingness to be openly so, I will inspire others to free themselves from the apprehensions of Kipling’s two impostors—success and failure. And I will have made these positive changes along my way.

And, in matters of loving my forever mate, I shall dwell, today, in the passion of our lives together.



Quiescence is love’s intimacy. And so today, I will practice stepping out of the chaos and challenges of life and in the doing of this, I will practice non-motion.

Today I shall be likened to the leaf upon the water. I will follow the breath of my being by clearing my mind of thought and opening my heart to the stillness of self. And upon doing this, I shall become one with the very pulse of the Universe. Perhaps I will have but a few minutes for these experiences, but today will not pass until I have had my respite from the workings of the world.

And, in matters of loving my forever mate, I will retreat from our togetherness in the loving awareness that we all need to have our time of privacy to find stillness amidst the noise and commotion of our daily lives.



Romance is intrinsic to loving as it is to be in the very spirit of wonder and appreciation. To be romantic is not to romanticize but rather to be in love with love. And so today, I will be in love with all I do and with all those I greet. I shall love, love today! And from this loving, I will be in energy with the entire Universe, uplifted, inspired, in the eternal loop of existence.

Today I will be in celebration of life itself, illuminated by love. And being illuminated I will welcome all into my glow. Indeed, my touch will become the touch of love, my eyes shall have the brightness of love and in my voice will be the message of love. I shall simply be in romance today and in the lightness of it all, I shall bring a smile to the faces of whoever has entered my realm. After all, who does not smile in the face of love?

And, in matters of loving my forever mate, I will be in romance today. And being in romance, the very intimacy of our togetherness shall be for all time in the spirit of love.


Self-love is essential to loving. Without love for self, love for others is never whole or complete. And so, I will love me today. And in loving me, I will realize I am not without fault nor can I even follow the fundamental ABC’s of Loving at every turning of my life. I know there will be those times when I speak out of frustration, fear or anxiousness. I am aware I shall make mistakes along my way. And, I will remember self-forgiveness is essential to self-acceptance and self-acceptance is the window to the loving heart.

I will practice self-love today. I shall be perfect in my imperfections. I will refuse to live up to the anticipations and expectations of others, but rather, I will accept myself in all my humanism and while I may not be able to do the great and grand thing, I will strive always to do the loving and kind thing. And in this alone, I shall be set free from the encumbrances of false behaviors and those three tyrants—regret, shame and guilt.

I will free myself today to enjoy being me. I will take time to explore my own interests and my own fulfillment. I will remember to think in the language of art and creativity and of imagination, to bring playtime back into my life.

And, in matters of loving my forever mate, I will fill myself with love today in the knowing I cannot give what I do not have.


Thoughtfulness is of the heart and so, the intuitive motion of love. Thoughtfulness is tolerance and caring. And so, today I will be thoughtful. I will be the silent and invisible helping hand today, doing this and that without notice. I will serve without seeking praise or acknowledgment for my service. I will simply move about without complaint or appraisal to others in the activity of thoughtfulness. And by doing this, I shall become love in work and where there is love in work, there is always much joy.

Today, I will practice tolerance, as this is the divinity of love and the dynamic of loving. Tolerance cannot be penetrated or defeated by force of anger, aggression or the tyranny of belligerence, as it is the face of thoughtfulness and wise. And, as tolerance is the product of thoughtfulness, thoughtfulness belongs to very will of love.

And, in matters of loving my forever mate, I will be both tolerant and thoughtful today, as these qualities speak louder of my love than all the poetry spoken in a lifetime.


Unity is the cohesive power of love. It underlies our ability to recognize ourselves in others and is the source of our empathy. But also, it is connectiveness with the Universe and this, too, is kinship with all living things. And so, I will walk my path in this awareness today.

Today, I will be in realization with the workings of the world knowing what I do and what I say has negative or positive impact. Indeed, we are the first link to a long chain of events in many lives. In this way, we are all teachers even in how we greet the passing stranger. And so, to ask what part of me have I given to another today is to be cognizant of my influence on the inner-workings of consciousness. As in the mystery of it all, whatever we have imparted on another through our words and/or actions, will be the measure of our own joy or sorrow.
And, in matters of loving my forever mate, I will be in positive unification today. I will know it is within me to bring forth sweet fruit on the vine or render hollow the very environment we share.


Volition is the gift of love. Love is unconditional and the essence within all creation. And so today, I will be free. I will refuse to be inhibited by the opinions of others or relinquish my right to be wholly and fully myself. And in my freedom, I will know who I am today.

Today in my freedom, I will choose kindness over cruelty, love over hatefulness, compassion over judgment, understanding over intolerance and through my own volition, I shall be right with the world.

And, in matters of my forever mate, I will be the unconditional lover today. I will love deeply but freely, knowing the caged bird forgets its wings. And so today, I shall be the whisper in the ear, I love you, be safe and happy today.


Words are potent onto the entire Universe. Indeed, even the ancient Rumi taught that every thought has a parallel action and every prayer has a sound and physical form. And so today, I shall be aware of the power of the words I choose to use. I will realize words can encourage or discourage, bring joy or sorrow and be constructive or destructive. Words are the manifestation of thoughts and feelings, as thoughts and feelings expressed aloud become manifest in the world outside ourselves. What we say takes shape and form as we weave our way through our lives.

Today, I shall practice being the voice of inspiration, remembering it has been said that even creation began with the word. And so, I will speak in loving motivation today, manifesting the kind and the positive. With my words alone, I will mend broken hearts, change tears to laughter, despair to confidence and fear to courage. And, in the doing, I will bring joy to many others and to myself, as well.

And, in matters of loving my forever mate, I will refuse to belittle or speak in cruelty today. Instead, I shall be the voice of reassurance and love.



X is the kiss in symbol, and kissing is a statement of love. There are many different kinds of kissing: There is the celebration kiss sometimes shared with total strangers, and the kiss that relates our joy or sorrow for another. We kiss to say hello and kiss to say good-bye. We kiss to express romance, passion, our concern, and our caring. Beyond all else, the kiss is an unspoken message from the heart. And so today, I will remember that in only a brief moment, the kiss can tell a thousand stories as it is an expression of intimacy and of love, a way of sharing our humanism one with another.

The kiss is so powerful that a tiny kiss on the cheek can brighten the face of the aged and make children sparkle. And this same kiss can cheer up a neighbor or ease the pain of someone’s grief. A friendly kiss is a heartfelt greeting and the unspoken whisper that says we are safe together. And, perhaps most importantly, the kiss reminds us we are lovable and what is a greater message than this?

And, in matters of loving my forever mate, I will remember to start this day with a tender kiss and gentle smile.


Yielding is an action of loving. To be yielding is to become the spectator and cheerleader of another’s joy or accomplishment, and, at other times, merely to give others the right of way to privacy and self-contemplation. And always, to be yielding is to let go of control in the willingness to be the bystander of good cheer. And so, today, I will remember to be yielding and yet, encouraging, as this is the wise sage walking the path of unconditional love.

Today, I will practice trust and tolerance, as these qualities are both loving and so, yielding. I shall permit myself to free others to their own unlimited potential of doing, refusing to be the overlord of success and appraisal. In this I will be the voice that says you can, the applauding hands, the shout of bravo and the whisper of support. And in the doing, I shall also find myself at the starting gate of a more loving and giving world.

And, in matters of loving my forever mate, I will be a best friend today as best friends are forever wishing the best for one another. And so today, I shall also express my love in the willingness to remain the helpmate in the wings.


Zeal is the energy of love. It is cosmic energy in the continuum of life. Love is running barefoot on the lawn, love is building bridges, love is the daydream and the dream come true; it is all we are and all we do. Love is the invisible essence in both form and the formless. And so today, I shall see the world as love in the knowing that how any of us see the world, the world becomes.

Today I will have zeal for life, as where there is zeal, there is meaning and purpose and where meaning and purpose abound, there is always love. Indeed, through my zest for life, I will bring positive change to the world. And so, I will make it my daily practice to be those positive changes I desire. Through the energy of my loving, I shall become the assertive one without aggression, the peacemaker without force and the good neighbor to all.

And, in loving my forever mate, I shall be in all things, love’s energy at work and at play.