My Books

Welcome To My Book Section.

I have written a bunch of books and you can download any of them from this section. They are copyright protected but you are more than welcome to download and share. I have over a million books in print and I am getting ready to publish several of these narratives. I would love some feedback and I hope you enjoy them. Please, they are not perfect. They are in manuscript form but they are well written. They are from my heart and many years of pain and triumph.


paperbackthicklaying (9)The Love Merchant: A Novel By John Polk














paperbackthicklaying (2)Love Marketing: The New Reality By John Polk












hardbackstandingstraight (8) A New View Of Love, Marriage and Prosperity











hardbackstandingstraight (3)The Awakened Millionaire











hardbackstandingstraight (2)I Went To Prison And So Should You











hardbackstandingstraight (6)The ABC’s Of Loving