The Love Factor And Positive Change


Post by: John Polk
Perhaps you are now like I once was in the past: There was a time after all when I viewed myself as a victim of a heartless world where that common saying became the prophecy of the times—life’s a bitch and then we die. If you’ve ever felt like that (or feel like that) you will know exactly what I mean. After all, sometimes the pain of hopelessness is so overwhelming all a person wants to do is escape himself. He or she can’t of course and so we do our best to endure with hope that some positive changes take place in our lives.
In these extreme circumstances most people will turn to the God of theism through prayer—please, please send an answer to me, save me from this chasm of unhappiness and despair; put a miracle in my life!
Perhaps you have never said these exact words but you may recognize the desperation I am attempting to describe. And hopefully you have never experienced the kind of anguish I’m talking about but the odds are that you have felt, at one time or another in your life, abandoned and alone, during which only a miracle would save you.
With this much said, please note that I have headed this piece with a date. I have done this because I am going to follow this piece with an entire course on how you can truly make positive change in your life. I am going to share with you what I have learned as a human being who has been worth upwards to a $100 million and absolutely penniless; of being on top of the world and to the very bottom and yes, of having love and losing it. My point of sharing this is to let you know that I have experienced what I am about to teach to anyone who is interested. I will be posting The Love Factor and Positive Change once a week with the goal of showing the reader how to create positive synchronicities in his or her life; to deconstruct the failure syndromes in one’s life and construct a life of peace, joy, success and love! I am in fact going to tell you exactly how to make a positive difference in your own life as well as the life of others.
Can this be so? This course is free so you have nothing to lose and much to gain by simply putting the love factor in your life. The very first instruction is to stop seeking the miracle and start seeking the miracle maker…you!

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