Aspects of Love

ASPECTS OF THE LOVE FACTOR It would be nice to be able to say something like, give the vicious criminal a shot of serotonin and he’ll return to his loving, generous self. And, with this supplement—taken daily—we can now open all prison gates and release the inmates. Well obviously there […] Read more »

Giving Love/Talking Business

 Giving Love / Talking Business It was this realization–our differences are only apparent–came from my years of study. Now I can say that I love you without any hesitation, embarrassment or underlying motivations. While I do not know everything about you, I know enough to love you even if we […] Read more »

I will tell a story today

Hey, everybody, I am sending the love your way. Have you looked in the mirror and told that beautiful face and soul of yours that you love him/her? I am going to post the first two chapters of a wonderful book I wrote called The Love Merchant. come on. just […] Read more »

Changing The Language of Business

Down to Business Not too many years ago I would not have said, “I love you” to anyone except those closest to me. In fact, I could never have imagined myself saying this to strangers. As a young and aggressive entrepreneur, my goals were targeted toward financial success and reaching […] Read more »