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John PolkIt would be nice to be able to say something like, give the vicious criminal a shot of serotonin and he’ll return to his loving, generous self. And, with this supplement—taken daily—we can now open all prison gates and release the inmates.

Well obviously there is no such simple solution to healing violent and vicious criminals. And, the raw truth might well be that many are too closed down from even their own hearts to ever retreat into the loving and lovable human beings that they were born to be.

In this light the evil doer has been cheated out of his goodness by the unloving and non-nurturing environment of his past. It is one thing to say oh, if that person didn’t want to do the bad things that he does, he wouldn’t…but no one can know this who hasn’t walked in that “criminal’s” shoes and lived through his or hers pleasures and pains.

While we all like to believe (or think) that we are above our impulses the truth is that our brains can become master of any of our fates under certain circumstances. As said in the above low levels of the chemical serotonin can be at the roots of deep depression and high rage in certain individuals.

So what’s the answer?

Well, it’s going to be many years before we’ll have a drug that truly heals the unhappy brain. Most drugs that even come (a little) close today merely cover up the symptoms. Nevertheless, we know enough to know that the real criminal mind is probably a product of a chemical problem—for example it can be said that unhappy endorphins produce unhappy emotions and so forth.

Sadly enough there might not be an answer for those men and women who are the victims of a harsh and unloving childhood. Perhaps the best thing that can be done is to simply be as unconditionally loving toward them and try to ease their deepest fears and pain.

What is MOST VITAL, however, is to LOVE THE CHILDREN THAT YOUNOWHAVEANDNURTURE THEM so they do not follow in the evil-doers footsteps.

Beware, NOT to neglect your children, but to forever raise them in the knowing that they are both loving and lovable. By doing only this much we will reduce crime in the next generation and that wide-eyed child you are now looking at will grow up to be just fine…

This is the Love Factor working in all our lives!

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